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By far, the most common question we get when it comes to Swift Galleries features is, 

“Can I upload my clients’ own room photos in Swift Galleries so they can see their pictures on their own walls?”

And to that we reply, “heck yeah you can! But even better, you can calibrate that wall photo so they’re seeing their photos on the wall, at exactly the right size!

Then we most likely do this…

Why Should I Upload & Calibrate Client Room Photos?

So, you may be thinking, “cool feature, bro… but why? What’s the point?” Great question! Here are just a few benefits you’ll get from uploading and calibrating client wall photos in Swift Galleries…

Your clients Can "Try Before They Buy"

Wanna know a secret about test driving a car? The seller doesn’t care if you listen to the engine, kick the tires or test the speakers. 

The only reason they want you in that car is because they know that, as soon as you put your hands on the steering wheel, you’re already starting to imagine what it will feel like to pull that bad boy up into your driveway, making Dan next door all jealous of your sweet new ride. (“Dang Chris, you make that rusted out ’82 Toyota Pickup look amazeballs!!!” Fun Fact: That was my first car. We called it The Squid because it left a dark black cloud behind me everywhere I went… like a terrified squid.)

So what does The Squid have to do with calibrating wall photos in Swift Galleries?

It’s the same exact idea – by showing a client exactly what their photos will look like, at the right size, on their own walls before they spend a dime – it helps them to start living with your work in their home, far before they have to make a financial commitment.

They’re taking it for a test drive. In their minds, they’re already showing it off to Dan next door and making him all jealous of their sweet new wall art gallery. (What? Dan’s into that kind of thing…)

It Builds Client Trust

Fact: your clients think an 8×10 is big.

Also Fact: when you tell them a framed 30×45 would look great in that spot over the fireplace, they’re going to think you’re a crazy person who’s just trying to take all of their money.

But when you show them that same framed and matted 30×45 over their fireplace?

Upload and Calibrate Client Room Photos in Swift Galleries

Your clients can now see for themselves that you’re absolutely right… that framed and matted 30×45 is the perfect size for their fireplace!

When they can see it (and believe it) for themselves, this shows them you’re not just out for their money but instead, you’re out to get them the perfect piece for their wall.

Your clients will buy more wall art

All of this leads to the ultimate point of having a photography print sales tool like this – higher sales of more wall art! Swift Galleries members tell us day-in and day-out that just showing clients their images on their own walls makes it simple to make the sale.

Swift Galleries members make, on average, four times more than they did before using Swift Galleries. We’ve had members who’ve sold more than $60,000 in prints in a single month (during the pandemic!). Others have made $18,000 in a single sale. One even bought a sailboat in cash using the “extra” money she made from wall gallery sales.

And all they’re doing is adding a way to help their clients visualize their photos on the clients wall at the right size, just by uploading and calibrating the client’s room photo.

"In my first 2 months with Swift Galleries, I made 3 times more than I'd made in the entire previous year."
Kaitlin R., Merritt Island, FL

It's Freaking Magic!

Ok, so really the main point is that you’ll make higher sales selling more wall art. But I needed to leave this one in there because we hear it so often from our members. 

Clients? They love the experience of seeing their photos on the wall of their own home in the software and tell our members all the time that it’s like magic.

It’s easy to discount this as a silly little extra reason to use software like Swift Galleries to sell wall art, but this little bit of “surprise and delight” in your process actually does a whole lot to help create an experience your clients will love.

How Do I Upload & Calibrate Client Room Photos in Swift Galleries?

I started typing out the entire process to upload and calibrate client room photos in Swift Galleries, then remembered we have a really well put together support document that already walks you step-by-step through the process…

Uploading & Calibrating a Client Room Photo

Check out this support document to learn the step-by-step processes for uploading and calibrating client wall photos in Swift Galleries.

Let's Wrap This Up...

So here’s the deal… if you’re not already using a tool to help your clients see exactly what their photos will look like on their own walls, at the right size, then you’re leaving money (and an amazing client experience) on the table.

And with a 100% free trial of Swift Galleries (no credit card required), there is no reason to go another day without an amazing wall art design and sales tool in your bag of photography business tricks.

Start Your Free Trial Today!

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