The Print-Selling Photographer’s Toolkit

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Beehive Picture Hangers

$29.95 on Amazon

Hands down the best thing you’ll ever buy to hang artwork on walls. Seriously, if you only get one thing from this list, make these Beehive Picture Hangers the thing you get. You’ll never go back to nails again.

Self-Leveling Laser Level

$55.97 on Amazon

Laser levels make everything easier when installing wall art. This one is super helpful since you can just set it up on a tripod and it’ll throw self-leveling horizontal and vertical lines on your wall so you know everything is perfectly aligned. We also like that you can lock it at an angle to match the angle of things like existing artwork or the angle of a stairway.

Laser and Tape Measure

$39.95 on Amazon

The fancy tape measure. Laser measures up to 131 feet or 16 feet with the tape measure. Auto lock button. Great for install day to double check everything.

25 Foot Tape Measure

$16.00 on Amazon

The best thing about this almost-basic tape measure – measurements are on both front and back of the tape! 

Travel Hammer with Nail Starter

$6.99 on Amazon

How did hammers get so fancy?! A small hammer great for traveling to wall art install day. The fancy part, a magnetic nail starter. Whaaaaa?! 

Stubby Travel Ratcheting Screwdriver

$13.99 on Amazon

Short, or stubby, screwdrivers are all the rage. Plus this one ratchets making it faster and easier to use with one hand. Not necessary on an install day if you pre-install your Beehive Picture Hangers on your client’s wall art products. But it’s small – better safe than sorry; put it in your bag!

Tool Bag

$14.04 on Amazon

This is a small (12 inch long) tool bag. It has 7 exterior pockets and you can carry it with handles or a shoulder strap. With the short hand tools we recommend on this page, it’s all the space you need.

Mechanical Pencils

$10.29 on Amazon

Mechanical pencils. Bright so you don’t lose them in your tool bag, erasers, clips. And if you’re like me, you’ll need 40 because you’ll leave them everywhere.

Small Lined Notebook

$9.97 on Amazon

Pick a notebook that matches your business color scheme (or just a bright one to, you got it, not lose it in a bag). 5.7×8 inches and 160 pages. You never know when you need to do math or make a note.

Plastic Foot Long Ruler

$5.98 on Amazon

Sometimes a translucent ruler is easier to use than measuring tape. And, you got it, you can choose from one of 6 bright ones.

Wall Art Bumpers

$12.95 on Amazon

128 in a pack. Just always put these on the back of wall art. Just. Always. Also, your wall art products will look that much fancier (and be less likely to shift on the wall after you leave). Bonus, if you’re like me you’ll put them ON EVERYTHING in your own house.

3M Command Strips in Two Sizes

$18.99 on Amazon

28 sets of command strip velcro pieces. Medium and Large. These are our favorite way of hanging lightweight wall art like standouts and small canvases. Velcro equals easy to level. No holes in the walls – a great selling point for any of your clients who rent their home and they make it super easy to move wall art from room to room when it’s time to redecorate.


$11.95 on Amazon

Drywall repair. Super easy if you make a hole by mistake that isn’t hidden by the wall art you’re hanging.