Sell More Photo Albums Using “The Stack”

Using “The Stack” to Sell More Photo Albums & Books An Interview with Shaun Gordon of KISS Books Are you interested in selling albums and seeing those big sales roll in? Shaun and Chris are here to help! Chris and Shaun start off by talking about “the stack”. Wondering what that might be? As Shaun […]

Photographers We Admire: LaJune King

Photographer We Admire: LaJune King This interview was supposed to focus on LaJune’s client experience, position in the market, how cohesive everything seems across her business. However, in the first few minutes the conversation took a turn that I couldn’t ignore. It’s a short detour, but it’s one of the most important and powerful conversations […]

How Strong Are Your 3 Core Photo Business Systems?

Your 3 Core Photo Business Systems An Interview with Meghan Doll of The Art of the Sale Meghan is a portrait photographer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and has been in the  photography industry for 20 years. Today she is bringing us her guidance and wisdom on what she calls the three pillars. These pillars […]

Photography Marketing Funnels 01: What’s a Funnel (And Why Do You Need One)?

Marketing Funnels for Pro Photographers Quick! Tell me the most important spot for you to focus your attention to grow your photography business. Is it on your marketing? Content? Sales? Client workflow? The answer is… it’s different for every single one of us. And it changes constantly. But here’s the real kicker… Without a consistent […]

Chain-Reaction Marketing for Photographers with Ben Hartley

Do you find yourself constantly trying to stay up with the latest marketing trends in hopes that it will help skyrocket your business? Always searching for the latest tactic that will bring in more clients? We’ve all been there and done that. Today, Ben Hartley talks to us about chain reaction marketing and why sound, […]

The Print-Selling Photographer’s Toolkit

Here’s a shopping list of tools and accessories for hanging wall art products. This list is great for photographers who do in-person sales or online sales and install artwork for their photography clients. There are also some tips and reasons for choosing each product.

That Swift Galleries Update You’ve Been Hoping For…

You asked for it… Cyrus and I (Chris) sat down at the beginning of October to discuss what feature we wanted to add this month. Would it be realistic frames in the Designer? Maybe some efficiency updates to template management? Some nagging little bugs that needed squashing? We couldn’t decide… so we did them all. […]

Upload & Calibrate Client Room Photos

By far, the most common question we get when it comes to Swift Galleries features is,  “Can I upload my clients’ own room photos in Swift Galleries so they can see their pictures on their own walls?” And to that we reply, “heck yeah you can! But even better, you can calibrate that wall photo […]