Swift Galleries Resource Vault

Exclusive courses, downloads and video trainings to help you put more photos in more homes for more money with happier clients.
Tutorials, Webinars & Mini-Courses

Behind the Scenes of a Real In-Person Sales Meeting

Watch a real In-Person Sales meeting with running commentary from Chris so you can see what IPS looks like in the real world.

Branding Your IPS Process

Learn how (and why) to created a “branded” sales process in your business.

Encouraging Multi-Image Gallery Sales

Learn how to go from selling single wall prints to multi-image wall galleries.

Handling Client Objections

Learn and implement these two simple frameworks to gracefully handle any client objections.

Mini-Sessions with Swift Galleries

Learn our top suggestions for successful mini sessions (even if you’re not using Swift Galleries for them).

Ordering Samples

Unsure which sample products to start with? Start here.

Package Pricing Framework

Use this package pricing framework to naturally lead clients to the packages you want them to purchase.

Power Hour: Goal Setting & Task Planning

Hit the ground running in 2023 with this live Power Hour to knock out your entire 2023 business plan in just 2 hours.

Power Hour: Photography Marketing Funnels

Discover exactly what you should be focusing on in your business by analyzing the way people flow through your “funnel”.

Print Sales Quick Win

Get your first print sale this week with photos you’ve already created.

Selling Framed Prints with Swift Galleries

Everything you need to know about displaying and selling framed prints with Swift Galleries.

The 3 Levers of Profitability

At the end of the day, there are only 3 main ways to take home more money in your business. Here’s what they are and which ones you should focus on.

Wall Art Installation Resources

Watch us install a multi-image gallery wall and download our list of recommended wall art installation tools.


“Before You Go Live” Checklist

Use this quick checklist to prepare for each Virtual IPS Meeting.

Choosing a Lab Checklist

New to printed products? Consider these 8 things when choosing the best professional print lab for you and your business.

Editing & Sales Prep Checklist

Step by step through our suggested process for editing your photos and preparing for your sales meetings.

Goal Planning Worksheet

Start each day knowing exactly what you need to work on to move your business forward with this simple (but powerful) goal setting worksheet.

In-Person Sales Prep Checklist

Similar to our “Before You Go Live” Checklist, but for traditional, face-to-face In-Person Sales meetings.

New Inquiry Phone Script

Phone and email scripts for replying to new client inquiries.

New Inquiry Swipe Email

Use this email template to follow up on your new inquiry phone call.

Placing Orders Checklist

Our suggested workflow for preparing, tracking and fulfilling client orders with your print lab.

Planning Meeting Cheat Sheet

Heading into a Planning Meeting? Give this cheat sheet a cram-session and take notes during your meeting with this resource.

Planning Meeting Checklist

Use this checklist in your pre-session planning meetings to make sure you don’t forget anything you’ll need for the meeting.

Plus Delta

Simple framework for creating consistent improvements in your business (or, just life in general).

Product & Pricing Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the cost of your time and costs and retail prices for each size of every product you offer.

Revenue & Workload Calculator

Use this simple calculator to find the right balance of target revenue, ideal workload and required sales averages for your business.

Shooting to Sell

Great product sales don’t happen by accident. Create images with the intention to sell them with this simple cheat sheet.

Swift Galleries Client Workflow Checklist

From booking through product delivery, use this checklist to deeply and seamlessly integrate Swift Galleries into your client workflow.

Swift Galleries Designer Cheat Sheet

Keyboard and double-click shortcuts to use the Swift Galleries Designer more efficiently.

Tracking Your Sales Averages Worksheet

Use this spreadsheet to track your sales averages, profits, costs and most commonly sold products across all of your session types.

Wall Art Style Guide

For photographers who are new to in person sales to help decide what style wall art products to offer.

Wall Photo Guide & Gallery Planner

Help clients plan their wall art galleries and capture the best wall photos for use in Swift Galleries.

Website Must-Haves

Quick punch-list of pages and sections that should be included on any print-selling photographers’ website.